Richmond Climate Change Youth Commissioning Project

Before you start:

We at the Youth Council want to make applying for funding as easy as possible, so before you start completing this application form please see below. This is designed to help you complete the form correctly and prevent us from having to send it back to you for amendments or corrections.

So let's start.

The application form is broken into six sections:

SECTION A - Tell us about you, your group and your adult support worker (teacher or youth worker, and their manager)
SECTION B - Tell us about your project - you can upload a video in this section instead of filling in the boxes
SECTION C - Tell us about how much you need
SECTION D - Tell us about how you intend to evaluate your project
SECTION E - Signing off your application
SECTION F - Feedback
SECTION G - Optional equalities monitoring information

You can save the form before submitting it and come back to it later.

Just a reminder:

Got questions? Need advice or further guidance? Get in touch with our youth workers:
Michael Connors, AfC Youth Participation Lead Officer
Phone: 07714 839614
Alex Quennell, AfC Youth Participation Officer
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